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Chronic Knee Pain

Is Chronic Knee Pain Holding You Back?

Most Knee Pain Sufferers Feel Trapped By Their Condition And Are Made To Feel Like The Only Two Options Available Are Painkillers Or Surgery. 

The Problem With Both These Approaches Is That Painkillers Don’t Do Anything To Heal The Source Of The Pain. And Surgery Is Only Effective For A Few Specific Causes Of Knee Pain. 

This Leaves Many Knee Pain Sufferers Untreated And Looking For Solutions Better Suited To Their Needs. 

If You Are A Knee Pain Sufferer Looking For A Better Alternative & Solution For Lasting Relief This DVD Is For You. Our Purpose For Making This DVD Was To Help Knee Pain Sufferers Know That There Are Better Options Out There. And To Be Able To Make Educated Decisions About Their Health.

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Topics Included In This DVD...

  • What Are The Different Causes Knee Pain? 
  • What Factors Drive Knee Inflammation?
  • Dispeling Myths & Misconceptions About Knee Pain. 
  • What Are The Common Treatment Methods For Knee Pain. 
  • How & Why Common Treatments Fall Short For Some Knee Pain Patients.
  • What The Effective Alternative Options Are & How They Work! 
  • And Much More…
Personalized Approach To Knee Pain

A Personlized Approach

We believe that because each patients case is unique then the course of treatment should be made to fit the patient's specific needs and not the other way around.

Getting To The Root Cause Of Knee Pain

Getting To The Root Cause

We also believe in discovering the root cause of pain and resolving it. Instead of resorting to long-term pain medication which only numbs the pain, while allowing the cause of the pain to worsen. Correcting the root cause is the only way to long term relief.

Life Beyond Knee Pain

Life Beyond Pain

Most importantly we believe health is not the absence of pain but the presence of vibrant health. Our definition of success is when a patient can engage in all the activities they love without pain holding them back.

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For Dr. Loren Mathes, Helping Patients Find Healing & Wellness Has Been His Mission & Passion For Over 20 Years. With Over A 1000 Hours Of Post Graduate Studies Since Graduating From Parker University Dr. Mathes Has Proven To Be Tireless In His Quest To Give His Patients The Best In Cutting Edge Care.

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