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A Natural Approach, Effective Results.

Dr. Loren Mathes Specializes In Treating Chronic Conditions Effectively Without Pharmaceuticals Or Other Temporary Solutions. Instead Dr. Mathes Works To Uncover The Cause Of Chronic Conditions Such As Peripheral Neuropathy And Create A Care Plan Customized To The Unique Needs Of The Patient To Restore Natural & Healthy Function.

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Our Goal Is To Inform & Equip Patients With A Better Understanding About Their Health So They Can Make Informed Decisions About Their Health. 

Which Is Why Dr. Mathes Has Created His Presentation “Peripheral Neuropathy Solutions” And Made It Available Free On DVD For Anyone Who Is Looking For Answers. 

In This DVD Dr. Mathes Will Cover Important Topics Like…

  • What Is Actually Going On In The Body When You Suffer From Peripheral Neuropathy. 
  • What Are The Different Causes Of Peripheral Neuropathy 
  • Discover The Natural Methods That Help Stimulate And Heal The Nerves. 
  • And So Much More!

If You Are One Of The Many People Still Struggling We Are Here To Help!

There Is Natural Relief & Healing From Peripheral Neuropathy

Neuropathy leaves many sufferers with more questions that answers

Are You Still Looking For Relief?

Many People Are Still Struggling With Peripheral Neuropathy. Whether You Feel Like You've Tried Everything Or You Don't Know Where To Start We Are Here To Help! Our Goal Is To Empower The Peripheral Neuropathy Sufferer By Providing The Answers & Knowledge They Need To Achieve Wellness.

Personalized Approach To Knee Pain

Personalized Plan

Each Patient's Case Is Unique. So We Believe Each Patient Should Be Treated As An Individual. We Look At The Specific Factors That Have Led To The Current Health Condition And Use That Information To Create A Unique Care Plan Customized To The Unique Needs Of The Patient. Our Program Is Made For The Patient And Not The Other Way Around.

Getting To The Root Cause Of Knee Pain

A Natural Approach

We Use Natural Methods To Correct The Root Causes Of The Inflammation And To Stop Further Damage. We Then Focus Our Efforts On Healing The Damage Through Natural Methods Of Activating, Re-Stimulating & Re-building The Nerves. Finally We Equip You With Health Skills To Maintain Long Term Wellness.

Life Beyond Knee Pain

Long Term Relief

Our Definition Of Success Is Not Just The Absence Of Pain And Discomfort. We Believe True Healing Should Be So Much More Than That. We Want To Help You Take Your Life Back From Peripheral Neuropathy And Get Back To Doing The Activities You Love But Have Been Prevented From Enjoying Because Of Peripheral Neuropathy.

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

It Is A Weakness, Numbness, Burning Or Tingling Sensation Caused By Damage To The Nerves. Most Often It Occurs In The Hands & Feet. 

Peripheral Neuropathy Can Occur Due To Many Different Causes Such As…Diabetes, Autoimmune Disease, Medications, Alcoholism, Exposure to Toxins.

Anything That Can Damage Nerves Can Cause Peripheral Neuropathy. 

Peripheral Neuropathy Can Be More Dangerous Than Just Pain In The Hands And Feet. Falls Are The Leading Cause Of Injury In Americans Over The Age Of 50.

Many Falls Are Caused Because Someone Can’t Feel Their Feet. If You Can’t Tell Where Your Feet Are Then You’re More Likely To Trip And Fall.

“It Is More Important To Know The Kind Of Person That Has A Disease, Than It Is To Know The Kind Of A Disease A Person Has.” -Hippocrates.

Many Still Suffering

Many Peripheral Neuropathy Sufferers Continue To Struggle With This Condition Despite Treatment.

This Shouldn’t Be A Surprise When You Consider That The Mass Majority Of Prescriptions Used To Treat Peripheral Neuropathy Work To Numb The Nerves In An Attempt To Mask Pain, Rather Than Heal It.

The Nerves Being Damaged And/Or Numb Is The Problem In The First Place! Such Prescriptions Do Nothing To Resolve What Caused (Or Is Continuing To Cause) The Condition & They Do Nothing To Stimulate Or Heal The Nerves